Mark and Peggy Sessions

      We are fundraising to pay debt and maintain our vehicle. We will be building a fund for a much-needed newer vehicle.

Mark had a massive stroke in 2019. He is still relearning how to talk, read, write and other daily life things. He was diagnosed with Aphasia and Apraxia. He had slight numbness on one side. Although Mark is still unable to work, he has far surpassed what the doctors said he would. God still heals. Mark's determination to keep pressing forward amazes me. There was no income for him immediately after having the stroke. Social Security Disibilty for one month is less that what he made working in a week.

Other major obstacles we are overcoming financially are covid shutdown of my career as a hairstylist. Then as I began to build back my business, I got covid, then covid pneumonia and then long haul covid. We have had one major catastrophe after another, all of which has led us to do this fundraiser.

We are currently living with family. God has been with us through it all. He never left us, never forsook us. Praise God, he is faithful.

Thank you and God Bless You.                                                                                                              Mark and Peggy Sessions